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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  February 17, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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it's another wonderful day onon the shores of northeast ohio. this 15th day of february. my name is wayne dawson. >> my name is kristi capel.ap scott has a look at your drive forecast. it's going to change as we look at storm fox radar. there is a mini cold front passing through but not much ofer the big temperature drop it is enough to trigger a snow shower. this is itw really that fluffy snow for the wet snow that weth had as temperatures have dropped into the 20s. starting to see that snow passing just north of clevelandcl over the lake affect quick quarter of an inch possible further south and further east
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geauga countyto the good news is that it's going to last a long time. look at that. it's moving through lorraine county and by about quarter to six it should be well to the east.ab were looking at the middle and upper 20s into new philly. he sues through truth this morning a couple ofug hit and miss snow showers will develop later this afternoon m m should be into the lower 40s by 8:00 p.m. the nice start0 on our wednesday
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our freeway.'t a quick 1690. twelve right on the turnpike up towards 490. wayne and kristiti pack to you.u will be jail time for reggie walker. the former white pled receiver
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headed up. we spoke exclusively with jim brown who says he trusted reggie walker but if she's had ties after he had a gambling problem during the wire fraud and federal authorities he's accused's of defrauding them that he headed up. ceric i had no idea that looking underneath was a gambling sickness. according to the us attorney'se office he used his celebrity and position in u the community due to local foundations he's accused ofi t using cleveland peacemakers alliance and -- taking a hundred and $50,000 to spend on food and drink and dry cleaning a gambling debt he
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ceric he knows he's very sorry knowing he was wrong is not blaming anybody else is accepting responsibility the vast majority of the money to go to the intended purposes. >> we were unable to reach himim for comment. he can be said to set up to 20t years in prison although that he would never serve anywhere near that kind of time. more than a dozen people are being treated this morning after becoming six from carbon monoxide.
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sixth avenue 49:30 p.m. looking into the money mention in the warehouse t district police rushed to the fresh clothing stores on west ninth street after reports of shots fired officers arrested one man nearby with a backpackk full of money but it is unclear this is actually from the store.o no suspects we're located in the store but they didus find a guideg inside is will is a car and aa weapon three people have been arrested that they had not been charged. for the start of spring training
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cleveland will hold its during spring report day party.r it will run from 6-8:00 p.m. and it will be in the joint sure what neighborhood. it will be one of the new localsls food vendors at progressiveog field. opening day is an 47 days. county board of elections will allow all registered voters to
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by absentee ballotsl was murdered 2700 enters 199 breeds entered for that west minister -- snow will be out of here in the next hour or hour and a half bes unite trench 50 by friday
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he's 25 years old. he's getting up there. we do weather and traffic every eight minutes.s. all lot of photos submitted to our website. we posted a whole bunch of photos as well we always like to show this. this is how it worked out.
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some spots 12 inches of snow. current radar showing a quick first of snow before 80's foot this is a fast-moving somewhat vocalize portions of geauga lake
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less here. our forecast today with that that streak of snow that will last another hour or so thishi month and a couple of isolated showers as temperatures remain in the lower 30s. very little in the way of accumulation after the snow thisy morning. this is primary some pockets where we might pick up a quick quarter of an inch. chilly but quiet takes place sentient looku at the temps on
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slightly next week we get another little push of colder air.ekek are we going to see all thatth affect us in the form of some snow at least at this pointt chances seem to be relatively small apple has been using new technology to make it difficult toif break into another person's iphone by a judgeis ordering the
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help with thanks for them to do their job as wellor posters of a nominating another supreme court justice following themf justice
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we do weather and traffic every eight minutes. this time to check on your commute with y patty harkin. it looks real god. he's had a few light snow showers ok no problems on 79th.
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it is rebel bruised through traffic moves well on 77 and for 80 east and westro if you are members sam's over there at that 129 also at 142. go to our website and click on the gas tracker tab click on that and hopefully you'll see some cheaper gas prices in your neighborhood. president barack obama rejecting gop south the next president feels the vacants seat on the supreme court the present also speaking out say republicanca
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not be the next presidentro is more than enough time for the senate for them to consider in a thoughtful way the murder of ar nominee that i percent he plans toe nominate someone who is indisputably qualifiedna for being laid to rest on f in the meantimean the present also space bar own life he believes donald trumpru will not went the 2016 election
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it's not hosting the talkshow it's hard. make sure she wasn't appearing to endorse either candidate he'se' very happy he's not on the ballot in this case going back to supreme court nominations it hasn't taken more than a few months for the senate to approveo 11 months to go it's very likely
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the ruling requires apple to supply software to the fbi so they can unlock and i foundfb. they can't access the county ownwn work phone because they don't know the passcodes by defaultlt apple has encrypted them to allow them to phone be access using a passcodeem they killed 14 people and a december shooting at a holiday legible for they were killed in a shootout with police.y a number of armed guards were on
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vehicles were shot or the last week over i 75 near tulsa sixul walmart trucks are hip at a companyp spokesperson says they do not believe.el i targets know it has been injured and local police have recovered bullets from some of those proposed law would require men to get a permission slip for getting a prescription for viagra. according to the bill they must also make al sworn statement with this handor on a bamboo they will only use it with his current spouseoo the kentucky democrats this is a response tooth several antiabortion and they say it has no chance of passing. rise and shine. 5:21 a.m. is your time. the minister club dog show features the best looking ata best trained dogs. that includes celine bircher who
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packing heat and praising thee lord local churches plan for a new edition is creating controversy and head over to vote for the next fox 8 cool school. we will announce the winner on thursday and feature them next week on fox 8 news in the
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